The Best Cafes in New York WITH Good, FREE WIFI

Regardless of whether you like regular coffee, espresso or a cappuccino, New York City offers the perfect café for you. Be that as it may, excellent coffee and a portable workstation with the speedy Internet is combination hard to find. So, here are the best cafes in New York with good, free WiFi!



97 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Found in Park Slope, Gorilla café is loaded with two-seated tables and a high bar where you can gaze out the window. On a pleasant day, you can opt for the outside spaces. The free WiFi is strong, and the espresso is some of the city’s best. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy choices of tasty pastries and other baked goods here!


Toby’s Estate

125 N 6th St

Brooklyn, NY 11249


Proprietor Toby Smith opened the Toby’s Estate Brooklyn coffee station following years of café hopping while living in Sydney, Australia. Roomy atmosphere and comfy furniture make Toby’s Estate an ideal workplace. Only so many tables permit laptops, but there is an abundance of room and strong WiFi.


Ninth Street Espresso

700 E 9th St

New York, NY 10009

Ninth Street Espresso is a quaint, relaxed establishment nestled away in Alphabet City where you can get away from the hubbub of the East Village and concentrate on your work. You will also find an affordable menu here with quality coffee.



28 Jane St

New York, NY 10014


Located in West Village, this little gem offers plenty of outlets. While the WiFi is occasionally slow, the quiet atmosphere, attractive setting of mismatched décor, and tasty organic coffee will put you at ease.



Greenwich Village location

225 Sullivan St

New York, NY 10012


VBar’s cozy little café in Greenwich Village serves as a bistro during the day and a bar at night. The strong, free WiFi is shut off at 6 pm, but by then, you may ready to enjoy a drink or two without ever having to leave the building.


Tea Lounge

837 Union St

Brooklyn, NY 11215


This Park Slope café offers it all. You will find an abundance of space, tables of varying sizes and comfy couches as well as plenty of outlets and solid WiFi. However, with the café’s full menu of tasty snacks, tea, coffee, beer and wine, you might find yourself indulging more than working.


Bibble & Sip

253 W 51st St

New York, NY 10019


Featuring their signature llama symbol on their coffee cups, Bibble & Sip may just be the most charming café in Midtown. Space here is limited, but the good, free WiFi, homemade pastries and a large window allowing in plenty of natural light make up for it.


Double Dutch Espresso

2194 Frederick Douglass Blvd

New York, NY 10019


Double Dutch Espresso may be a little off the beaten track, but you will find less crowds here. Plus, this café is located across the street from a bakery where you can purchase goodies to go with your espresso. What’s really nice about this café is that it has a pretty garden space in the back where you can think efficiently.